Millions of households in Western Europe use Burg Groep products daily, often without realising that they come from us. We offer the lion’s share of our products under private label. You will find them on the shelves under the names of well-known retail organisations.

Our products

We are a manufacturer of:

We also produce the packagings in which we supply our products.

What characterises Burg Groep?

With over 200 staff, Burg Groep is an informal, internationally-operating organisation with short lines of communication. The character of the family firm has remained unchanged despite feverish growth. The company is characterised by an enterprising, sober, committed and realistic approach. We are a partner you can count on.

Internationally active

Burg Groep has seven modern production centres in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the Czech Republic. Our head office is in Heerhugo­waard (the Netherlands). Our production meets high standards of quality, efficiency and eco-friendliness. We comply with the International Food Standards (IFS) and the Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC). We also have EKO certification and produce kosher for particular product groups.