Virtually every household in Europe has our products in its cupboards. We sell our products via retail organisations. They choose the composition of the product, and the positioning, name and design with which they market our products.


With private label products, you can offer the best of both worlds. Excellent products packaged under you own brand. Your customers value a choice of products with different labels. The wide range helps to increase turnover. We can align the flavour of all our products in the food sector to the region in which they are sold.

Non food

Private label is also a highly suitable distribution strategy for retail organisations purchasing our cleaning and automotive products. Provided the volumes and technology permit, we supply quality products to national and international retail organisations. They can create their own profile using our products.

Delivery on demand

We deliver food and non-food products in the packaging you specify. Depending on the product, we deliver in tanker trucks, bulk packagings or consumer packagings.