We are a leading European producer and an international supplier of fermented vinegars, syrups and liquid household cleaners.

Working together with our business partners combined with knowledge of our markets and products, we strive for innovative, sustainable, logistical and specific solutions.
Our passion and entrepreneurship result in valuable solutions for affordable products.

WISER is the compass that drives us in all that we do. The different letters symbolise what everyone within the Burg Group is imbued with.

What we stand for

We work WISER, which means that we focus on:

W = waste elimination. We conserve our raw materials and our environment. This feature also means that our products are sold at a keen cost price.
I = innovation. We encourage new developments. Standing still means going backwards. Innovation means a healthy future.
S = sustainability. Sustainability is high on our agenda. The Burg Group is aware of its responsibility towards its environment.
E = entrepreneurship. We encourage our employees to take their own initiative. Our employees are closest to our customers, they know what they want, understand their circumstances and are able to adapt our services accordingly.
R = reliability. Reliability is the foundation of every business. Everyone who does business with us can count on us.

The whole is greater than the sum of the separate parts. We manufacture WISER because with this clear compass we: