Vinegar is a product which can be used in many different ways – this is a well-known fact. However, a very special application for vinegar has recently been discovered. Vinegar can be used easily to detect whether a person has early-stage cervical cancer. This is an important medical use of vinegar which could be of major significance in the global fight against cervical cancer.

Founded in the Netherlands, the Female Cancer Foundation has been working since February 2006 to help women around the world detect early-stage cervical cancer. As well as being extremely simple to detect using vinegar, it can be treated with ease. Diagnosis and treatment can be performed at the same time. The See & Treat method has been declared by the World Health Organization to be the most effective preventive treatment against cervical cancer.

The remedy for cervical cancer is in your kitchen cupboard

The Female Cancer Foundation is using this slogan to make it clear that the means for combating cervical cancer is literally within hand’s reach for women all over the world. There are no expensive medical treatments involved – just a simple See & Treat method that can save lives. It is truly amazing that vinegar is the key.

Developing countries can benefit from affordable treatment

The Female Cancer Foundation plays an active role in developing countries, where the overwhelming majority of cervical cancer victims live. This form of cancer is the number one cause of death among women in these regions. These women are often young mothers who are essential to the survival of family units and who make a contribution to household income. If these women pass away, this can irrevocably disrupt family life.

Female Cancer Foundation

The Female Cancer Foundationhas its roots in Leiden University Medical Centre (LUMC). It started as a collaboration between various departments led by oncology/gynaecology expert Professor Lex Peters. The Female Cancer Foundation has been an independent institute since 2006. It focuses on research into cervical cancer and teaching preventive methods.
As a major producer of vinegar, Burg Groep has a stake in the activities of the Female Cancer Foundation. We wholeheartedly support the work carried out by the Foundation.