When organising our production processes and choosing products and the partners we work with, we always give careful consideration to the interests of our fellow man and the environment. In our activities, we explicitly bear in mind the interests of future generations. They are entitled to live in a clean environment that offers them the resources they need. Sustainability is an important beacon in day-to-day activities at Burg Groep.

Front runner

As an important, large vinegar producer, Burg Groep wants to become the world front runner in sustainability. This would enable us to contribute to food safety and a healthier diet. We impose strict requirements on the raw materials supplied by our suppliers and on their production processes too and, by doing this, contribute to chain responsibility.

We are convinced that our efforts to achieve sustainability yield opportunities and results in innovation and a competitive advantage too. Our reward for these efforts is a cleaner environment, but also growth and continuity for Burg Groep.


Burg Groep continually works towards the realization of further improvements to product processes. Teams of brewers, technicians and researchers explore the possibilities of new raw materials and production methods. Their object is to achieve savings in the quantities of raw materials, water and energy used and also to reuse the heat that is released during the production process.

Burg Groep wants its sustainable fermentation process to serve as an example of a more environmentally friendly approach to vinegar production. The achievements that the group is making in this field are only possible because of the efforts of committed employees who work hard to achieve sustainable product innovation.


As a family company, Burg Groep has been successful in combining sustainability with economic and social objectives. This focus enables us to achieve sustainable growth and continuity.