Burg products


Syrups occupy a prominent place on supermarket shelves. No wonder, because virtually every family has syrups in its cupboards. Burg Groep is a supplier of syrups. We supply syrups in many flavours and packagings, including fruit syrups and syrups based on sugar or artificial sweeteners. You always decide what you want to offer.


Vinegar comes in many varieties – for example, natural vinegar, cider vinegar, wine vinegar, herb-flavoured vinegar and pickling vinegar. People all over the world use vinegar. Worldwide, Burg Groep is a leading supplier of vinegar. Our strength is that we match the taste of the vinegar to the preferences of the country. We do this in consultation with our clients.


Burg Groep produces cleaners such as methylated spirits, ammonia, vinegar cleaner, cleaning vinegar, demineralised water, ironing water, unblocking agent, remover, multipurpose cleaner and citronella in a modern factory.


For the automotive industry, we produce summer & winter screen wash, cooling fluid, windscreen de-icer, lock de-icer, rubber care sticks and car shampoo.